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Default Re: garcia mitchell need of a part.

Jimi I think i might have one. Its basically a 300. Great little reel. I think many parts are interchangable. Thats an anti-reverse clutch. The replacement part was 29 cents in 1949.
I spool them with 10 pound braid. The 306 is the better size for stripers. I still use the 302 eggbeaters sometimes.
I wouldn't doubt that it could hold up to a 20 pound striper. Sure would be fun.
There are some interesting posts on the history of the open faced spinning reel in the reference library.

The "fast retrieve" version (ratio 5/1) of the "300" was baptised "Rapid" in 1956. In April 1957 a decision was reached to add a number to the name of each existing model. The first born "Mitchell" became "Mitchell 300", the "Salt Water" received number "302" engraved on its side-plate, and the "Cap" will be for ever known as the "304". The "Otomatic" was changed to "Otomatic 330" and later to "Mitchell 330". The "Rapid" changed into "Mitchell 350 5/1". At the request of Garcia, Mitchell incorporated the shipping number that was assigned to different models, for ordering purposes, to be used as the model number for the respective reel.
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