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Default garcia mitchell need of a part.

ive had an old reel for a year now sitting in a bucket in pieces..the side plate on the left/crank side reads...garcia mitchell 350....under that is what looks like a date or maybe gear ratio.....its stamped just like this...5/1....the right hand side plate says made in france along the bottom....a little lever with a spring in it is bent and all torn up. i believe this is the anti reverse lock lever...the part that keeps the crank and spool from going in reverse. i gotta empty the digital camera to take a picture of it..ill post a pic of the part in the morning, as well as the whole reel itself....any help as the date or best usage..i.e. lb test reccomendations and how sturdy is this reel, what is it cappable the drag suficient for 20lb bass?
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