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Thanks for the great post Jim. You know I'm 65 years old and have NEVER asked another to share the location of a favored spot or technique. For some reason it simply seemed inpolite and boorish to do so. Over time I suppose I've learned of a few but then by job would take me overseas for a few years and when I returned home, I'd have to start over again. (sigh.)

Oh I've learned some from others with whom I've fished but those spots were *ours* and I would never think of sharing them out; not because of me or out of selfishness but becuase it would have been disresspecting the person who shared that location with me.

One of the reasons I really prefer surf fishing is the solitude of it; one person against the striper in an environment where all the advantages are with the Striper I suppose.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
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