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Default Re: New information regarding Striped Bass Fishery

This is a follow up message after I replied to his response above:

I agree that the number of intermediate size fish has been below average the last three years. The numbers may seem worse because 2012 was exceptionally good. The peak in 2012 was influenced by the encroaching salt line which concentrated more fish in the PA portion of the river for spawning. You should be encouraged by the number of small, young fish less than 12” that we observed in 2015 as well as the upcoming 2014 and 2015 year classes which were above average. In addition, recreational and commercial fishing regulations within the Delaware River & Bay and along the Atlantic Coast aimed at reducing harvest by 25% were instituted in 2015.

Please note that we take many sources of information into account when making management decisions, so that we’re making informed decisions in the best interest of the resource and our anglers. Your observations are appreciated and I am interested in seeing your fishing blog if you’re able to share the link. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in the future if you have any questions or comments.

Greg Murphy
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