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dude that 4th grade i broke my arm a week before my b-day.jumped off the back of my dads truck dunked a bball and fell on it from 10 feet. all the way through the bone the first week i didnt get any sleep it hurt so bad. every night my dad would give me adult doses of pain killer i was out of school 2 weeks on docs orders :) about a week after i broke it we had the biggest snow of the year. w whopping 1 foot :) .i know it wont sound like much to u and being from idaho it wasnt much 4 me but its enough to sled in and we only get 1 like that a year.then my first week back in school i had the writing test. because i had a cast on i got to tell someone what to write, so i didnt misspell any words, and the graders could read it ;) .this year my freind won a skate lesson with a pro hocky player(Rod Brindamor hurricanes captain :) )for him and 2 freinds (me and our freind) and 15 min into it he was doing stops and fell back on his leg and shattered his shin and the other bone down there we didnt think it was broken and were laughfing he had his cast on for 8 weeks and cant walk w/out a boot for 2 more weeks
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