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Originally Posted by Roccus
When I got my license (like a hundred years ago LOL) it was snowing like a blizzard,the guy made me drive him around to do his errands so he wouldnt have to stop on his way home I was scared to death he would flunk me. Back on the fish towing the boat thing.... a 30 lb striper can turn my 18' 2200 lb boat in circles.... :shrug:
Thanx Rock, I hear ya. When I was getting my 6 hours behind the wheel, the instructor had me stop at a 7/11 to get some drinks and after that he told me to drive to the bank so that he could deposit some money! . He was really cool though and he helped talke away your nervousness by cracking jokes about other students.
As for the boat pulling, I can't wait to be taken on a good ride with my kayak.
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