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July 8, 2005-NJDMV
This has nothing to do with fishing but I just had to post it. Today at 9:00 a.m I went to take my driver's license test. It was pouring like crazy and this was my very first time ever driving in the rain. On the way there my dad told me to drive and I could feel the car hydroplaning. First I did the K-turn then parallel parking. After that, I drove on the highway and through some country roads. The country roads were extremely flooded and I was going about 20mph in a 35. When we came back the instructor said I passed and I did a great job! I had to drive to a whole nother county 20 min away to get my license. Upon arrival I filled out all the necessary paperworks and they took my picture. After my license printed out I noticed that my date of birth was wrong. So they took another picture and when that printed out the picture was all messed up. On the third time they finally got it right. So now that I have my license I can take off with my parent's car, untill i get my own, and get it smelling all fishy.
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