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Default 1337's Fishing Log

Well I decided to start a fishing log today even though I hardly get to go fishing. I'll update whenever I catch anything worth posting about.

July 6, 2005-John Doe Lake
I found this new lake today which is hidden on the side of the highway. I went with my bro and some friends cause it looked pretty shaddy there and it was already 7:30 p.m. To get to the actual fishing spot you had to walk quite far, but the walk was all worth it. They all used nightcrawlers while I used lures and soft plastics. My first cast was with an Excalibur Pop'n Image, from good ole Bill Dance. During my first retrieve a bass hit it hard with its tail. I continued using the lure for another 10 min with no luck. So I swithced to my YUM Wooly Hawgtail in June Bug color. On the first cast I hooked a LB. I thought it was a schoolie untill I actually pulled it out of the water and weighed it, 6lbs, this was my very first hawg ever and I didn't bring the camera! Next cast I hooked aother one which was 4lbs. When I reeled in these guys they gave a really good fight and they both jumped out of the water like 5 times. Things slowed down and we only got to fish for 45 min. I was the only one who caught fish today! It's a good thing that I saw that lake cause it's hard to find a good lake around here with bass that size. :wtg:

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