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When my dad was just a boy, he lived in the town of Montague, Mass. Right next to Thompson Fly Fishing/Tying company. When he moved into the house when he was a kid, they think someone who worked at Thompson lived there before. Cause when they moved in, in the basement they found an Unopened (still in metal case surrounded by plastic bag, unopened) Thompson Bamboo Fly Rod. From 1910 or that period. When we moved from my old house, about 7 years ago, we lost it. My dad thinks someone stole it. He never told my Grandfather, that rod meant alot to him. 3 years ago, we went to the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough Mass, and asked the guy at the Thompson booth how much it would run for. He was clearly shocked, amazed that one still even existed. He showed us the price of the new Thompson bamboo fly rods.... 3 grand.

Imagine an unopened, unused, antique Bamboo fly rod in Mint Condition, from Thompson, one the most respected names in Fly Fishing, from 1910 or so. The guy at the Thompson booth said it would run for 30 grand from somebody who wanted to use it, and 50 grand for collectors. He should've gotten it insured.

Imagine that though. Hmm. Too bad.
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