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Default Re: Hudson/Hackensack/Raritan

dec posted signs around fishing piers and popular locations warning of eating fish out of these waters..
if something was not an issue than why make it an issue?
dec say's nobody wants to say anything but what science has determined and numbers of toxins look high enough for mention so the signs were posted. personally, i would be leary of "layover fish" that are here all year round... there are a couple of ways to spot a resident fish. also beware of chesapeake fish that can carry mycobacteriosis. you'll know when you see it and if not when you filet her. this is my 2nd year in a row not seeing it in at least one fish. "don't know if that's good or bad" one of the best fisheries on the planet here imo. just have to know when where how and why? bass fishing has been so so like usual. just gotta be in the act when fish show up. enjoy

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