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Default Re: Striped Bass Commercial harvest increase?

Originally Posted by zam View Post
From what I've read they are claiming that commercial fishermen are still harvesting the same amount of Stripers a year since the moritorium was first lifted back in 1990, But the harvest by Recs has increased 400% in that time. The Coms want a bigger piece of the pie. In other words the number of fish harvested will stay the same but Coms will harvest more and Recs will have to harvest less
That is what they are saying. But the question is who is saying it? More than likely the people who are proposing the increase in quota.

The Rec. Take has decreased over the past 4 years 2006 was a huge year by REC take standards.

The past 3 have consistently gone done.

The other thing that they do with those studies is use a 70% Mortatlity rate or something to that effect on released fish which boosts the total.

They are willing to count a guess on mortality rates for the Recs but will not count fish caught illegally by comms to their total? There has been some pretty large busts that we know about over the past couple of years what about the stuff that goes on that doesn't get noticed. Should we also guess about that like we do on the released fish mortality rate?
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