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Default Re: Striped Bass Commercial harvest increase?

Imagine how this would play out. Maybe my overactive imagination? But

Catch Shares are adopted allowing sector managers to handle a certain portion of a coast lines commercial Quota. Fisherman managing fisherman essentially all overseen by NOAA.

As I understand it the quota points will be allocated or "bid for"? If I am wrong someone tell me i want to know more about this. This system essentially will allow those with a larger fleet to underbid the smaller guys due to the fact that their costs are less etc. etc.

Now add in to this a 50% increase in quota across the coast which is now under the control of quadrant managers appointed by NOAA.

Within ten years you will have The largest fishing fleets catching fish and the small guy will be working for them. The sector managers will be managing the catch data. Sounds like a new Recipe for disaster courtesy of OBama and Lubchenco.
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