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Default Re: Raritan Bay: Is it worth fighting for? ABSOLUTELY!

My father always said that you should leave a place cleaner than you found it. When I go fishing I always bring a few black garbage bags in hopes of catching fish. On the way out I always grab as much trash as I can carry and take it home. I trust that my kids have learned from this and will do the same - always. I'm not trying to brag but instead pass along a good idea. It's easy to teach a kid to fish - but teach them to fish with respect for the environment.

The Japanese enlightened me as they stacked a few stones here and there in the middle of the woods, or wrapped a stone in a leaf and left it in respect of mother nature. In my mind the people that are causing us pain are not fishermen, they're drunks and druggies. people that are serious about fishing don't do this nonsense. I wish that someone here could come up with a way for us to support law enforcement in their effort to determine "who's who" in this unfortunate situation.

If anyone has ideas about how to secure our access and preserve the reputation of decent fishermen let me know and count me IN!

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