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Originally Posted by kb View Post
Anyone ever cast their own spoons/jigs for striper fishing? Im tired of losing $10 a pop for a simple spoon to a blue or a rock!

I have the lead, I just need a mold to pour it in.


Back in the pre WWII era, "spoons" were cast from tin, and called squids.. these came in many styles and usually sported a keel... lead is too dense to make a good working spoon, tin is more buoyant and has a better action...

Many of us pour our own lead head jigs... I think i have molds for about 6 or seven varieties.. in about 10 different sizes from 1/16 oz shad darts to 10 ounce parachute jigs... google do it molds and you'll find a variety of molds available for almost any style jig you might want to pour....

a word of caution... do not breathe the lead vapors... they are hazardous to your health... do your pouring in a well ventilated area....
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