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Default Re: Swapitus and how to cure it.

I just read through my initial post again and there are parts in it that may sound a little presumptuous and condescending. I know a lot of good fishermen who do a lot of swapping and I wasn't trying to dismiss them, or anybody else's fishing methods, and say mine is better. So if I offended anyone, I apologize.

What I was trying to say is that if you are not catching fish at the time, try to consider the whole picture of why you might not be catching, instead of just rotating plugs. Mass.Hysteria made a point of asking about the crabs and a yellow popper, and why would that plug catch. My guess is that there were probably any number of plugs that would have caught that bass, had they been presented properly, at the time when the fish was present and ready to eat.

There are soooooo many variables that can result in success or failure when fishing for bass, so I try to focus on a few of the main variables and work from there. Many new to the sport get absolutely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless combinations of "things" that are needed in order to catch bass. From the right rods and reels, lines, leaders and plugs, to the myriad conditions, weather, bait patterns, water temps, tides, etc.

What I try (and will try) to do is offer a way of grouping these "things" into related chunks, and prioritizing them by importance, so that the entire process of fishing becomes more manageable. By sticking with a basic few, tried and true, profiles and paying attention to a couple of simple conditions (finding bait and structure), I put myself in the best position to catch fish, most of the time. There will always be exceptions and we all get skunked from time to time LOL.

So what I was trying to do is offer a fairly simple, structured approach to becoming more consistent in catching bass. I am not saying my way is the only way, nor even the best way, but it is one way that has worked for me over a long period of time. I certainly did not intend to paint those of you who do own a lot of plugs, or fish a lot of different plugs, in a bad light, and if it came across that way, then once again, I do apologize.

Catching fish from the surf is a life-long learning process, and it never stops, so if you have anything that differs from what I might suggest, please offer it up, and I thank everyone for their contributions so far.
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