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Default Re: Swapitus and how to cure it.

Hi, John.

How about this. I'm in the upper Mount Hope Bay location I mentioned in early June, in the morning just after after sunrise, it's in the 50's, cloudy with a wind blowing out of the north about 5-10 knots after a clearing storm, the tide turned an hour earlier and it's outgoing.

As I'm walking among the small rocks in the shore water towards the area I want to cast from and I have a lot of little green crabs running around my feet. I start casting and within an hour and a half have "swapped out" four lures and am on my fifth, a short RM Smith popper. Three casts, three hits, he took it on the third and I landed my first striper, though not quite a keeper!

Questions. What do small green crabs and short yellow poppers have in common?! Is there a common denominator? What would you have been casting under those circumstances? Thanks for the help.

"Listen to the surf...and you will hear in it a world of sounds ..." Henry Beston, The Outermost House, 1928
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