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The knots for Snelling a hook

2 different ways

The snell knot is the strongest of all saltwater fishing hook knots. Quick and simple method of attaching line to a hook with an up or down turned eye. Of course when you snell a hook you need to have both ends of the line available. In other words the free end or the trace end has to pass back through the eye .

click on the picture for animation

snell knot for hooks

The Hook Snell

Using the Uni-Knot to Snell a Hook 

1) Thread six inches of line through the eye of the hook.

2) Hold the line against the hook's shank, and form a Uni-Knot circle.

3) Make five to seven turns through the loop and around the standing line and hook's shank.

4) Tighten by pulling the standing line in one direction and the tag end in the other.

Caution with using the uni knot to snell a hook. After a few decent fish I had one come loose in a heavy current.

My advice is to take the time to learn the correct way to snell your hooks using the snell knot in the grogs snell knot animation above.

This you tube video is perfect tutorial on snelling a hook


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