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Arkansas stripers and hybrid striped bass fishing Guide

Rockfish, striper, linesider.
More than 300 pages dedicated to your favorite fish, the striped bass

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Arkansas stripers

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Arkansas Fishing Regulations
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Real Time Data flow from the Army Corps

State Striped Bass Record
Belongs to Jeff Fletcher 64 Lbs 8 oz. caught in Beaver Lake

State Hybrid Stripers record The record of 27 lbs. 5 oz is held by Gerald C. Shaum of shirley Ark. caught in Greers ferry lake.

Arkansas State Sport Fishing records
Arkansas Striper Fishing Reports
Arkansas Game and fish commission weekly fishing reports

The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission has extensive listing of lakes and free lake map kits.

The Hybrid Striper

Serious threat to Arkansas Striped Bass Stockings read about it in the forum

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Stripers can be found from the Oklahoma border to the Mississippi River in the Arkansas River, a distance of 310 miles. Stripers concentrate in the tailwaters of the 12 dams that divide the river into pools making stripers eaiser to find. A deal in the 70s by AGFC Riley Donahoo and fisheries biologist Andrew Hulsey had fingerling Striped Bass flown in from South Carolina and put into the newly formed lake Dardanelle.They thrived reproduced and migrated up and down stream.
The Arkansas River now supports a naturally reproducing population of striped bass, which, along with the Red River makes the two rivers the only known water in Arkansas to have natural reproduction.

Impoundment Locations followed by Zip Code

Lake Norfork
The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission stocks about 100,000 to 125,000 Striper fingerlings into Lake Norfork every year. These fingerlings are produced at state hatcheries, usually from broodstock collected from an Arkansas Lake. The forage base is gizzard and threadfin shad.

Lake Ouachita
Lake Ouachita covers 66,000 acres of land and water. The dam is 200 feet high and 1,100 feet long. Lake Ouachita has 20,000 acres of public hunting land. With 21 recreation areas, 150 picnic sites, 1,106 campsites, 24 boat ramps and 13 swimming beaches.
Topographical map for Lake Ouachita

Beaver Lake

Widely recognized as an outstanding fishing resource. The striper fishery deserves special mention as one of the nations finest with potential to produce record fish in the 50 lb category. 28,220 acres.
Big Stripers are the main attraction at Beaver Lake, which spreads over 28,220 acres in the Ozark Mountains. Beaver Lake is intentionally managed for Big Stripers, not big numbers, according to fisheries biologist over the lake for the AGFC. Stripers average 10 to 15 pounds , and 30- to 40- pound fish show up with pretty good regularity.
Topograhical map for Beaver Lake 

Lake Hamilton
Lake Hamilton has four public access areas and several private marinas and resorts provide good access to all parts of the lake.
Lake Hamilton has produced two state record stripers and more recently gave up a 58Lb striper that is the new lake record.

Lake Maumelle 72113

Greers Ferry
Greers Ferry Lake with about 32,500 acres of lake surface to accommodate both boaters and fishermen, the fishing at the lake is good throughout the year. Every game fish native to the State of Arkansas has been stocked in the clear waters of the lake by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Greers Ferry has a 25 acre nursery pond to manage stocks in Greers Ferry Lake. The pond is located adjacent to the Mill Creek Recreation Area.

Lake Greeson 71950

Lake DeGray

DeGray Lake, a 13,800-acre fishing and water sports paradise. This sparkling lake on the Caddo River offers Arkansas's finest fishing for hybrid striped bass 71929

Millwood 71822 / Bull Shoals / Arkansas River

Ft Smith 72901 / Dardanelle 72834 / Little Rock 72201 / Pine Bluff 71601
Dumas 71639 / Red River / Texarkana 71854

Stripers fishing Tip: Cut out the gizzard of the gizzard shad and secure it to your hook by itself.


Automated phone #s for Water levels

Little Red River/Greers Ferry Dam Generation                501-362-5150
White River/Bull Shoals Dam Generation                870-431-5311
North Fork River/Norfork Lake Dam Generation                870-431-5311
White River/Beaver Dam Generation                417-336-5083
Arkansas Lake Levels                501-324-5100
Arkansas River Levels                501-324-5150


Water Temperatures Arkansas

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This script converts from celcius to farhenheit and vice versa.

Arkansas Stripers An excellent Striper Fishing Resource


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